Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The waiting is over!!

I was lying on the bed watching Speed 2 on Star Movies when suddenly I heard the sound i had been waiting for....A honk...YES!! a honk..not some Jon Bon Jovi or Metallica music but a honk. A honk of the Pos Laju van....I rushed to the door and slammed it opened when I saw a guy with blue uniform wearing a cap written Pos Laju. He called my name and handed me the envelope. Oh for the love of god....my scholarship letter has arrived. Haha finally the waiting for more than a month has finally over. I went back into my house and opened the envelope. Slowly I took out the official letter with my name written on it. I just flipped through because got so many words there (=.=). I flipped through until one particular page which caught my interest. It was my monthly allowance. Oh my GOD!!! its only RM100.00 per month???? What the?!??! RM100.00 can buy what?? Even a grown man couldn't survive with RM1000 per month salary, much less this RM100. Although food is provided by the college, RM100 means there is no entertainment. Aiseh....so sad. Wish me luck in college.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Waiting for college.....

Sigh....college is still a long way to go. Another 15 days to go. Actually, its quite fast....hmmm....I don't know what to expect in college. Never been separated with my family for a long time already. I guess my time has come. Probably I just thought of it as another camping trip but for a VERY long time. What to bring to college? I don't know really know either. But the feeling being away from my family is inevitable. Arghhh.....college sounds scary to me. Oh...come to think of it, what about the teachers there? or should i call them lecturers now? Are they gonna be cruel? mean? What about the hostel warden?? What about the students there? Are they as good as my school friends?? So many questions running on my mind, it seems there is no end of it. Oh God!! Please help and guide me through college's life.

Friday, 6 June 2008

My first blog

Haha, so happy to finally create my own blog after wanting to create one for a long time. I would like to thank my sis on guiding me to create my blog. I would also like to thank my dad because he's the one paying the internet bill and lastly to my mum and brother whom....er...i guess giving me moral support. Hehehe...that's it for now...