Saturday, 11 September 2010

Updating! :)

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last post anything! Memang takde orang baca pun =.= Well, anyway, what I wanna talk about on this post is more about me flying somewhere.

Truth is, I really don't know what I'm feeling! It's enjoyable that you're going somewhere, but it sucks when reality struck you hard; you gotta live there alone and start new! -.-" But I guess I'll be making new friends and more adventures for me! Hey! That's not pretty bad!

I would love to find an adventure there! Easier said than done right? Haha...Who knows, all that I do over there might just be sitting in my room with my books and my laptop once in a while!

But I do want to have a story to tell to my future children! (InsyaAllah, bila dah kahwin laaaaa). Wouldn't it be nice to share with your loved ones?'s almost time! I only have few days left! I dun pack anything yet! Checklist pun tak buat! Visa pun tak siap lagi! -.-

This is going to be hectic soon! I can feel it :(

Oh great news by the way! I got myself a home dah kat sana! Address nya! Rahsia :) But it's kinda far from the university. I guess I'm gonna buy a bicycle there. I wonder if I can still ride a bicycle :)

Hmm...I've heard stories abt that place! Let's just see how true they are, shall we? Or perhaps...I'll find out and post it back here! :)

Nonetheless, I'll be far off somewhere soon! It's nice to know there are friends who are eager to know where I'm heading to! :) And some friends who wish me luck there. Oh yeeeeeeeah! I'll be needing it a LOT!

Okay! That's about it! Till next time :)

Oh yeeeeeeeeeahhhh! Before I forgot

Forgive my Harsh words....Forgive for any of my wrongdoings to whoever you are :)