Friday, 21 October 2011

Weekend backpacking!

This weekend I'm backpacking to Liverpool! :) I hope it's gonna be fun trip though! Well, I've always wanted to visit the Anfield stadium but I hope there's no home game this weekend! Otherwise, I'll just have to visit the Beatles museum then!

4-5 hours via bus to Manchester! An hour train to Liverpool! :) Kinda lame to talk about it but this is my first time touring UK via public transport! Haha :)

Well then, shall we not share the way of the prophets who always start their journey with a doa? :D

Bismillah :)

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

New toy!

It's my new toy that I recently bought. Kinda cool huh? I feel like in the movies for owning one of this. Kinda adds to the room don't you think? Now this is what I called entertainment! :D

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Thursday, 6 October 2011


I know it's kinda of lame talking about cadavers and all, after been a year in med school. But I'm not planning on talking about it.

I'm planning to talk about people who post photos of their cadavers in social network sites. It disgusts me to see that these 'supposedly' professional students posts all about their cadavers in their twitter or facebook. How more embarrassing can it get? Being ignorant of medical ethics when you're in the line of medicine? Not to mention can be top shot too?

Those cadavers are not toys. They were people before same like you and me. They probably have a family, have kids. Heck, even a decent job. But they chose to give their body in order for the likes of us to study so that later on in life, we can find ourselves food to live.

So where is the respect for that? It's not easy to donate your body just like that. It takes courage and strength knowing at your body gonna be sliced up and your organs gonna be in formaldehyde most of the time. So please have respect for them.

Sadly, some people whom I feel shouldn't have done it, is a Muslim. Even in Islam, the dead are treated with utmost respect. Aurah is preserved even when you died. It is still haram to look at the dead's Aurah. We are allowed to do so because we're studying about it. As far as I know, posting dead body's photo with you posing in it on twitter or facebook isn't part of studying.

I wish this message reach to all med students especially Muslims. This is a message reminding you just in case you forget. Cheers! :)

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Yet another year.

Yes. Yet another year in med school. A 5-year conquest with books as my companion as well as cadavers. Not to mention stethoscope and pen torch for clinical skills. Life has been always as it is. Difficult.

Alhamdulillah. All praises due to Allah. I've passed my first year. And things are looking good so far. I have a home for shelter. Have a bed to sleep on.
Well, Second-year is pretty much heavier than first. 9500 word assignment is definitely sure to blow your mind away. Not to mention more clinical skills lab and dissecting. Which basically means more reading time and revision. I probably have less time than before to write in this blog but I'll try to update every now and then. It seems boring that this blog's last update was months ago. I hope I've got time.

Lately there's not much to do other than revising. Even then I haven't started mine yet. Such procrastination will definitely do harm to studies. I hope it's still early before it affects a lot. But hey! I've began my assignment work!

I guess you can count that as good news considering it's gonna be 9500 words(actually it's two assignments combined. One 5500words and another 4000)

Not much left to say though. I wish all PMR students good luck! And as well as to KMS students and Malaysian students everywhere in the world. No matter where you are, whether at home or overseas, I bid you guys all the best and good luck with your studies!

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