Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Closing down......Mayb not?

Alright guys. It has been two years now for this blog. There are sweet times and there are bad times. Honestly, when I opened up this blog it was just for KMS. Now that its over....I guess this blog shud end up over too.


I think there are rougher and tougher roads ahead of me. And my best days are yet to come. So, heck! The blog stays....(This is also to jaga hati Abg Amir who apparently reads this blog!)

Well, results is coming out next week and I'm starting to be nervous. Oh hell, when its exam can pretend like nothings wrong but the results would show that something's wrong. Hmmm.....scary, tense, nervous, anxious.....What else to describe this feeling?

I dun want to talk more about it. It'll just gives me headache. So pray for me, and for batch 4 IB KMS. Pray that we all be able to fly and make our teachers, parents proud.