Saturday, 5 July 2008

College Day

I haven't gotten a chance to wrote earlier in the past two weeks because I've been busy in college. Today I found some free time to write in here. Let's see, the first day wasn't as expected. First day orientation was boring and there were nothing to do on that day from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm. And the sad thing is, new friends are like aliens. Haha, and I even got the chance to go to eat at A&W restaurant that day(with my family of course). Then, nothing much at night. Then the next day got some activity also. Couldn't remember much....but i only remember during my orientation week, the watergun game was very much fun. Then finish orientation week.

The next week, new A-level students came to my college[I'm taking international baccalaureate(ib)]. And besides new A-level student, I also started class already. Most Teachers....and seniors are very friendly...except some teachers who are kinda strict on rules. My first day in class already got homeworks. Maths homework is tough!!Then there was closing orientation week ceremony which held a week after my orientation week(combine with A-level Students). I acted in a video which is the best among all other videos...haha(feeling a little bit proud too). And the closing ceremony was very fun and I really enjoyed the night.

Well, its going to be the third week in college by next week. Somehow, i don't really looking forward to it because the hostel is very much like MRSM. And besides....its a little bit cramped up in my room. And what i don't like about IB is, we need to use lots of books which is very costly and difficult to find. Besides, there is this graphical calculator that every IB students is compulsory to have. Its not like a casio EX-570ms(RM40), this calculator is way more advance and it cost RM480 each. Well, i got to go....i have some bio notes to finish up. I'll write here again when I have some free time. Wish me luck!! Pray for me too!!