Saturday, 28 April 2012

Merdeka, Independence and Malaysia

"Kita kena bergabung untuk lawan mereka ni!"

"Sampai bila nak berdiam? Hak orang Melayu akan hilang! Anak cucu kita nanti yang terpaksa tanggung kesilapan kita!"

Dato' Onn Jaafar said these words more than half a decade ago. He was then fighting for a the rights of the Malays, indigenous people of Malaya. The British, who colonised Malaya, proposed the formation of Malayan Union, which gives Britain sovereignty on Malaya even after independence. Anyone is eligible to become citizens of Malayan Union. Dato' Onn Jaafar formed a party of which he named United Malays National Organization(UMNO). It started out as group searching for their rights on their own soil and complete independence after being colonised for more than 6 centuries. A rally was called for and many people attended it.

Formation of UMNO upsets the non-malay race which at that time was part of the community that makes up Malaya. They fear that they would have to leave Malaya if UMNO gains independence and their demands being met by the British Empire. Hence, the Malayan Chinese  Association (MCA) was formed. Their leader was Tan Cheng Lock. Similarly there was also Malayan Indian Congress (MIC) representing the Indians.

All of them have one same goal (Independence of Malaya) and yet neither of them wants to back down from having their demands met. Finally, MCA and MIC agreed how the Malays would be head of state, drawn by the Malay Sultans, Malay would be the official language, and Malay's education and economic development would be promoted and subsidised. In return, the Chinese and Indians would have proportionate members of parliament and their economic position is unharmed. The coalition Barisan Nasional was made with all parties joined in with a mission, the independence of Malaya.

Malaya finally gained independence from the British Empire after 6 centuries of being colonised by different nations and empires.

Its been 55 years since then. Malaya is no longer Malaya, it's Malaysia now. Things have changed. As time progress, one would wonder, will the history of our nation be forgotten? Perhaps not. As long as there is people who appreciates the fight that these people had fought for, so long it will not die the great sacrifice that all races had to bear. The unity then was great. Barisan Nasional's mission has long accomplished. It's been more than half a century that BN ruled over the soil of Malaysia.

Saying all these history of how BN gain independence from Britain does not make me a supporter of them. Nor am I against them. I am merely stating the history behind our great nation. Like it or not, it is the history and you can't change that. No one can deny the fact that BN obtained independence from Britain for the people. You have to give credit to them for having the courage for standing up against the biggest Empire of the world and said "I want to be free!".

It's ironic how the BN used to rally against the British Empire and now the Malaysian people are rallying against BN. Is it time that BN finally step down and give opportunity to others for ruling of Malaysia? Well, perhaps. Being too long in power can sometimes cloud your eyes for fair treatment and honesty in power.

I don't know the truth of how corrupt the government is nor do I know how truthful the opposition is. But I've been sitting and looking at our great Nation and where it is heading. Certainly a progress, but not all progress is good. To say that I'm in favour of BN staying as the government, not quite because I would want to see a change in the political positions of Malaysia. But I certainly don't like how a group of parties with different aims ruling Malaysia.

If the opposition is ever going to rule Malaysia, they will need to sit down and talk. What is their purpose? Was it just to overthrow BN? What are they fighting for? Because as far as I know PKR promotes its ideals that revolves around social justice and anti-corruption themes, PAS with its aim to establish Malaysia as a nation based on Islamic legal theory and DAP with its secular, multi-racial, social democratic ideals

Honestly, I like to see a change in Malaysia. The people of Malaysia is maturing. They know they have the power to make a change. That is good. I'm happy for what has become to the Malaysian people. Change will come, most definitely. I am sure of it. And it will be up to the Malaysian people to decide. Compromise is the key word here. The government no matter the BN or the PR can't meet the demands of everyone. No one can satisfy everyone. Just remember that.

I just wish that the people would know this. Careful not to overthrow a tyrant just to crown another tyrant on the throne because all tyrants are the same.

All the best Malaysia! May Allah look upon you :)

p.s : In this blog entry, I have no intention of downgrading any party of Malaysia. It is just a humble opinion and how I see our nation is. If what was written here offended you by any way, then I apologize. Please bear in mind that I'm not in support of any political party at the moment. Thank you for reading.