Saturday, 28 February 2009

Stress + Work = International Baccalaureate

I've read it somewhere on the net where they say that IB is a program where they throw you all the stress and work and say "MANAGE IT!" Haha....somewhat this joke is true..I'm sure those who taking or already taken IB would have agree with me...

No other pre-U programs even STPM can beat the stress level of IB program. Its the King of Stress....

Why are we putting ourselves into this mess? If there were two paths in front of a normal person, he or she would normally take the easier path....

but then again....Are we normal people?

Its that choice that made us different from other people. The choice of hardwork, stress....its that things that made us superior than others. No matter what they would say, we are always different....

Different is not always for the good...Some are for the worse....

But yet, we are different for the good...and why do i say this??

Studies and work later on are very much two different level of life..The stress of studies would never match the stress of work. However, the gap between these two are being narrowed down by the IB program. Which i feel very much going to benefit us...especially those that are into this program...

Of course its tiring, hard, stressful...even I would not deny that. But think this as a head start of the career of your life later on.

Something hard and difficult would always bring opportunities in your life.

Always remember that in this world, its tough, and it would not go easy on you....
Its not about how much you get hit by the world, its how much you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Curiousity is what keeps us moving forward. Curiousity of what lays ahead of the IB program is what keeps us moving forward.......And for this, I would say don't look back at your past because it will not come back. You simply just have to keep moving forward! ^_^

Friday, 27 February 2009

Why Seasons?

Seasons has been my online name for years. Eversince I was in Form 2. Thats 5 years long.

I chose this name from other millions of other names for a reason....And for that reason I've been sticking to this name only.

Seasons means CHANGE....change in weather or anything at all.....And the world would have 4 seasons. And what does that have to do with me???'s the truth...

I chose this name because i want to constantly change for the better...Its that spirit that made me who i am today. Constantly striving to achieve something better than today.

That's it ^_^


I've met a lot of people, being a student and a scout as well, enables me to meet lots of people. In which most of them became my friends.

Friends are people who you would look for when you are in a strange place, or place that are unfamiliar to you. Its the basic human instinct.

To me, I can have lots of friends and I would always see someone straight through their hearts. To me, physical appearance, does not matter. But it is a bonus to have good looks but the main thing is that your heart is pure and the friendship is not based on other purposes like financial benefits.

Good friends are hard to look, and best friends are even harder to find. Not to mention love. People have not been able to see through their friend's heart and find whether it is true or not. I've been able to see people's inner beauty...Thats what makes people look beautiful....

Its that simple variation that makes friends not boring at all.....

Search your inner beauty, and look for others as well. And when you do, please appreciate them. Its that attitude that would make the world a better place to live in.


I spoke french in front of the class today....haha....Not sure whether they understood or not. The important thing is i spoke an international language...

I can speak 7 languages if you would like to know.


Wonderful isn't it?

Alrite, the truth is, i can speak only one or two words only....French I can speak few phrases...But that already include in speaking the language rite?

I didn't say i was expert in them, but at least i can say thank you in those languages...


Saturday, 21 February 2009

I won't trade any of you for better ones!

A few days ago, i can't really remember when, a friend of mine said that i deserve to be in somewhere else better than KMS. I did gave a long thought on this matter.

To think back, i wouldn't trade what i have now for better ones. Yes! i know what i'm saying. Means that i would not want to change to other places even if i can.

Want to know why???

People in KMS made impacts in my life in which others can't. I would never forget you guys especially MD41. Its part of my life least till next year.

So to MD41s, keep up the good work....We are the BEST....and be punctual ok?

(FYI, MD41s have some trouble with punctuality)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cant sleep!

Why there are times when we cannot sleep? Eventough we are extreemeelyy tired? I guess theres too much adrenaline in me.

When we are confused, its best you sit down and flash back at the happiest moment in your life.

I have five happiest moment in my life.

1. When i first see the world with my mind.
2. When i took my UPSR result. I got straight 5 A and i took them at the age of 10.
3. Opening the envelope of my PMR result. I took them at the age of 13 and scored 8 A
4. When my name was called as one of the straight As scorer in SPM. I got 9A1 and 1 A2. Took SPM at the age of 15.
5. When i first checked the Mara result. Get to enter KMS. Was 16 when enter college.

I'm sure when everyone has their moments. Remember them. Don't let them fade in your mind.

Old folks home ....(T.T)

Last Wednesday, my club along with Culinary club went to the old folks home in Seremban. Was quite enthusiatic about the activities that we're gonna do. Its surprising to see how those old folks really get into the game and they do UNDERSTAND what we said or our instructions

Many people claim that they are like walking zombies...they do not react to watever you said! That is BULLSHIT!!! They are experienced men and women who deserved the utmost respect from their children and also from other people...Some of then served the United Nations and even some played against Haji Sidek back then.

In the end, what did these people get? End up in an old folks home...I felt pity for them. Men and women who were discriminated by not only their children, but also the local community. The way the warden treated them was unfair. Its a little bit rude to that to old people....Screaming and yelling. Calling names!

I wonder what would they feel if they were to swap places. I can't imagine it either.

I feel that what i did on the other day would have impact on their life....Not to certain extend that they would remember it, but somehow they would know that at least someone had cared for them, and they are not forgotten in this world.

When we left the old folks home, I was the last one to step on the bus. As I was stepping onto the bus, i took one last, long look around. I fell into a sober, wondering what fate would await me in the future? Would my children later on decide to put me into an old folk home and wait for my death? Or would i stay with my family till the last breath? Only Lord would know.....

Lab Reports

Haiyaaaa!!! Another lab report??? Every week must have at least one lab report to do...why teacher???? Why like this one??? If lab report like SPM one i dun mind have lots of them at once also...but now lab report so challenging to do.

Hmmm, somehow, i feel like that thick lab report gonna help me somehow on my career later on. Not sure what it is... nobody will but there's a feeling or what some people would say is the sixth sense.

Nevermind la....keep them coming teacher!! Besides, lab practical is very fun to do!! Stress and hardwork is now part of my life...if i can't handle them, then i'll lost part of my life! Therefore, no stresss!!!

Thats why i'm always happy in Class! (Unless something really bad going on or extreeemeeelyyyyyy tired)

All for one and one for All!!! ( <---- apa kena mengena?? )

Friday, 13 February 2009

Driving Day!

My first day driving!! I already conquered the PLUS highway from seremban to Malacca. Hahahaa!!! Tomorrow gonna drive again!!!

JPJ test was easy but i got nervous too that day. However, manage to overcome it and success were in my hands. Kena scold by JPJ also that day...during road test.. "Awak nak kena langgar lori ke?????? Lambat sangat!!! Laju la sket!!!!!!!! "

Is he mad?? People still not yet get license, must act decent la!!! He can scold me sommore! Probably wan to test me...but i didn increase any speed....i let him wait there! Torture him!!...Ironic isn't it? The tester got tortured by the one whose being tested!


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Another post!!

Suddenly feel like want to write sommore! So, I shall write something. Hmmmm.....what to write? This is always the prob....

Oh ya!! Tomorrow JPJ test! Forget about this...Haha, anyway let me write something about it. I don't feel neither nervous nor scared. Okay, maybe a bit, but not like when I want to take my SPM result last year. Okay la so far. Instructor say I can drive edi, no need take test also can see. But I have to act abit in front JPJ officer. I'm not a very good actor, but i try my best then! Instructor always say that I drive very fast....I dun feel like i'm driving fast but its normal for a guy i think. Hmmmm, gotta remember the roads back.. but next week got chemistry test. =.=
Now my brains try to separate between chemistry and the roads. I hope i dun kena any Gagal serta merta.

What to write sommore???

Aiseh....those who read my blog (in which i dun think anyone does) please leave a comment about what i'm suppose to write. Your response is much appreciated ( Skema aje! )

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Well, it's been a while since I wrote in this blog. About 5 months! haha! Don't care about it also. Nobody gonna read it anyway. But I will! It's like a diary of mine (electronically) in which others can read it also. Oh wait! then it shouldn't be a diary becoz diary should be kept to yourself only!

Alrite! Here's the real deal....I gonna write something today. But not sure what it is. Erm, my studies okay. Life now?....hectic but pretty much okay....

What else should i write here?

Chinese New year? A great year this year, a year for those who worked hard on achieving something.

College? Activities....lots of them....CAS + EE.... One thing is I decided to take bio as EE subject! Not sure why....probably there's a bond between me and bio. But I like chemistry! Haha....I took bio so that i could see what would there be in my future career. I hope its gonna be an eye-opener.

Myself??? Like to think when there's too many people around. Feels like the world revolving around you. There are times when I reached the moment of silence. People moving so fast and talked very loud but I don't hear a thing, I don't realize anything (its not day-dreaming) . I think of lots of things....even the universe...I'm not a weird, nerdy physicist but sometimes I got questions that i think only the LORD can answer. Sometimes I discovered questions like the chicken and egg.....No particular answer to those questions....I drive myself through pain and agony to get that little taste of success. I guess thats what we are meant for! To feel pain first before we achieve success, To follow first before we can lead! To read first before we could learn!
To respect first before we can earn respect! To give honor before we gain honor!

I'm no where near perfect! but i also will try to be one even if i know it is impossible to do so.
I love my family! I love myself! I love the world and all in it!

Gain self-respect because that is what that matters the most...and as for me, I'll let you decide whether i gain mine or otherwise.