Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Palestinian Issue

The upcoming U.N assembly is one of the most anticipated meetings by all Islamic nation. Why? Because Palestine is trying to upgrade their status.

United Nations have 3 groups of members. The lowest of them is "non-state entity" which is Palestine. It's the only nation that is branded as such. What does that mean? It means you dont have a land and your country doesnt exist. You're a group of people on the face of the Earth that doesnt belong anywhere. So, what does this group of people called Palestine can do in a UN assembly? They have a right to speak and only speak. They cannot vote or suggest a notion. In other words, you only speak when the big boys let you speak. That is the UN permanent security council members. This non-state entity also can't circulate documents, submit proposals, and also speak in debates. Unless allowed to do so.... By the big boys.

The second level of members is "non-state members". Such example is the Holy See which has soverignity over the Vatican city. They are granted a permanent observer status. It means you can do whatever you want like any other nation but you just cant vote on any resolutions. They have every previlige that other member nations have except the voting rights.

The third group is the member states. These groups have the full membership of the UN. It comprises of 193 nations and they get full rights. They vote on 10 non-permanent security council member, vote on any resolution, and vote on the secretary-general of the UN. They also can suggest a notion like "Israel is invading my territory". To gain full membership, you have to get 2/3 majority votes from the existing UN members and also all 5 permanent security council members which are; Russia, China, France, United Kingdom and United States.

President Mahmoud Abbas submitted an official application for a full membership in the UN assembly in 2011 for Palestine but was immediately given warning by The US. They said they will freeze financial aid to Palestine and will veto against the decision even if all 193 UN members and 4 permanent securty council members approved the application. Unfortunately, if US vetoed the decision, it won't be able to pass. Such is the unfairness in this world. Can you even imagine the harm of these small group of people not more than 5 million who barely have enough space for themselves, can do to the United States of whom have nuclear warheads and the strongest military in the world?

The US even threaten the UN to decrease their financial aid to the UN which comprises of 22% of UN's annual budget. What is this? What the hell is UN's function if it's being controlled by a single nation? Whats the point of having UN? Don't they learned from the predecessors of UN? When personal interests exceeds the interests of mankind, thats what happened in League of Nations. A world war broke out.

Sadly, President Mahmoud had to settle for less. That is the second level of membership; the "non-member state". Application for this only need 2/3 majority of UN members. Currently there are 126 states that approved Palestine's status. Even then, Israel and the US is getting nervy and fussy.

When Israel was formed, they don't have any land or a government! But they were given a membership instantly after President Theodore Roosevelt (US president) suggested it. They should have been given the non-state entity status! I also wonder where the hell did the UN have the power to draw International borders. There is no such thing in the UN's charter provisions. Even if the US does so, Palestine should still be a member because part of the agreement was to let the Nation of Israel to be co-existing with the land of Palestine. It means two countries in the same land. Although it was heavily protested by the Arab league, but the UN has no function because any notion was always veto-ed by the US.

In the end, the Arab League had to go for war. It was Egypt and Syria who began first. Followed by Jordan. The rest was technically quiet in the Israel-Arab war. The Americans and their Allies immediately sanctioned all Arab nations. Even if they dont participate in the war because they are afraid if they supply Egypt, Syria and Jordan with military aid and equipments. As a result, it was crippling. Egypt as a military nation saw there is no way they could win the war with the US backing Israel. The tremendous military support that was given to Israel was endless. At the same time, Egypt with frailing economy from the sanctions was struggling to pick up the pace of war. Its a matter of time before Israel will be able to invade Egypt and claim soverignity.

President Anwar Saadat (Egyptian President) saw an opportunity for truce. He finally signed the Peace treaty with Israel and recognizing Israel's existence alongside Palestine. It's the first Arab Nation to have recognized Israel as a nation.

So why am I talking about this? Its a short history of Palestine and Israel, and how Israel along with US robbed Palestine's right and existence. I do not have the power to change the fate of Palestine but Palestine will always be in my prayers. I feel the least I could do is to let other people know about the defect in the UN and the Israel's existence that was fabricated. And also why the Arab nations decided to stop the Israeli war before "we" start to throw blames at them. It would take quite some time to write every single detail of the Palestine Issue in this blog. Maybe if one day I could have all the time in the world to write it. Perhaps we even might be able to come up with a solution after knowing more about the Palestine Issue. I hope you guys learn something here. May Allah be with the Palestinians.

Sorry for the long post. And the bad English.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What if?

The ultimate question  man struggled to answer. What if?

So what exactly is what if? Is it a form of regret? Is it a form of disappointment? There are moments in our life where things went terribly wrong, and we always asked ourselves what if? But sometimes, it might not have to be something so serious. Even trivial stuffs. Saying what if I bought curry puffs instead of a plate of nasi lemak? Often following the question would be the guilt of it. Such as..

What if I bought curry puffs instead of a plate of nasi lemak? I wouldn't be so full and sleepy in lecture.

Hehe. That's just me. My point is, am I regretting? Or am I just trying to fend off the guilt by asking a rhetorical question to myself?

What if?  What if I went to a different school? What if I'm born smarter?

Creating an alternate time dimension, often parallel to the current time might indicate that the reality is not good enough. We try to escape our reality by creating a new us in our imagination. Looking at ourselves, better and improved where everything is about you. YES! YOU! Isn't it nice? The fantasy world never stops to amaze us because it's the perfect world to live in. 

Unfortunately, reality catches up sooner or later. Like it or not, the reality is here and you are in it. Creating a parallel time dimension in your mind doesn't stop it either. It only makes the reality even worse to your eyes. It's like watching a movie. A real good movie. One that you wish it would never end. But once it did, you find your reality is boring, sad to say. It might not apply to all people though, but I bet mostly will. Hence, what if?

I'm just saying, sometimes people want to have a better life. They dreamed of it. Better grades, better car, better home. Of course, our imagination knows no limit. That's the beauty of imagination. But it takes you away from reality.

Accepting reality is a first way to a happier life. Or at least what I think it is. It's hard. I have a hard time to accept reality at times too, but being content with what I have, takes it all to a different level. That is for another day to write about.

My point here, day dreaming is not wrong, neither it is right. It is part of us having imagination. While imagination has no limit, you should know your limit for your imagination. Don't let it suck reality away from you. That's probably why depression is so hard to treat to some people. Be glad! Be glad of your reality because you are not you, if it weren't for the harsh reality of today and the past.

You are special because of what you went through, not what you try to achieve or what you dream to achieve. 

So I leave you guys with this question...Ask yourselves.
What if...?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

You're gone too soon :(

When I first heard of you, I didn't know what I'd expect. I never knew we could be so close for too soon. Next thing you know, we're running around together. I still can't believe you're gone.

It really felt like it was yesterday when we share the night together. Each time when we go our separate ways, I'd always ask how you've been doing. Its just too cruel for you to leave so soon. I remember your voice like it's a playlist in my mind. The video of you I took kept playing on my phone, reminiscing all the sweet memories together.

I remember I ran around and you were chasing me like I'm supposed to protect you. You stay close for warmth and comfort and I'm so sad I wasn't there for you. I wish I could see you one more time and walk together. Calling your name and you replied. I didn't know what you were saying but it was cute to me.

I'm just so sorry I wasn't there. I wished I could have protected you. I should have.

People say every meeting will end with a goodbye. I remember the very first time we meet but I couldn't remember how we say goodbye. I never knew that was the last goodbye. They are right. Every meeting ends with a goodbye. But I'd say, we only part to meet again. Till next time Beep-Beep. I will remember you always.

Rest in Peace.

My beloved pet Beep-Beep
(19 Sept 12 - 2 Oct 12)