Friday, 21 May 2010

An ending of a beautiful chapter...

Endings are hard. You can just pop out any beginnings but the endings are just impossible. You have to tie up all loose end and somehow there would be something that you'd missed.

Well, I guess this is an ending of a beautiful chapter.

I remember vividly two years back, on 24th of June 2008, when I first set foot in KMS. It was horrible! Every single cell in my body wants to run away! I even thought of staying in Klana Resort during my two years study here and take a part-time job in MaryBrown Centre Point to pay the bills. Smart eyh?

Well, that didn't work out. As much as I want to run away, I still have to go through this chapter of my life.

Two years ago...

" this a college? Its more like a military hostel. Why didn't I get Taylor's or KYUEM? Why must I get this college? This college is so terrible! The stairs in the academic block is like Hogwart's! Exactly like in the Harry Porter's, minus the moving stairs. Even that could be awesome!"

A long sigh came next. My brother looked at me and couldn't understand the feelings I had. No one did. I guess its just too hard for an ordinary school boy like me to suddenly move into hostel. But there's always a first!

"Belajar rajin-rajin! Kalau rindu, nanti mummy datang, ok?"

I nodded though deep inside I knew I don't like it here at all. I wish I could drive from Melaka to Seremban and back everyday!

"Mummy! Kalau titi (my name at home :D) tinggal kat Klana boleh?"

"Banyak cantek kau!"

"Alaaaaa...titi kerjalaaah...Bukannya sedut duit mummy daddy je"

"Jangan mengada! Ni kan best ni! Ramai kawan. Ramai perempuan"

"Perempuan? Apa kena mengena?"

We both chuckled. I knew she was trying to cheer me up. She knew I'm not familiar with hostels. Deep inside, I was still sad and troubled. Not to be able to sleep on my comfy bed and the chilling air-conditioner....What am I going to do??

That night, my mom called.

"Titi! Makan camne?"

"Boleh je. Tapi kalau dapat yang dari Melaka punya lagi best!"

"Hahahaaa....banyak cantek!"

"Handsome! Bukan cantek"

"Yer la. Anak mummy mana yang tak hensem!"


As much as I miss her, I guess she miss me even more. I realise from her tone of voice. She sounded sad. A tone I have never heard before. Never in my life. I guess I'm not the only one suffering.

This was two years ago. When my life in KMS had just begun. And now, I'm at the precipice of this IB programme. Many things has changed. I was wrong. I shouldn't have judged KMS for its place but for the people that made up KMS. The teachers, and the students. I have never experience such bonds before.

There's so much sweet memories here in KMS. The college might not be much, but trust me....the people in it is all there is about KMS.

During our mentor-mentee program, my mentor, Pak Lan, said

"Trust me! When you leave KMS later on, you'll miss this hell-hole"

I never believed him but I guess now I owe him an apology for that. I truly am going to miss KMS especially the people in it, now that it'll be gone.

Well, we all miss things when they are no longer in our hands don't we?

We only part to meet again....Goodbye KMS! I wish to meet you again. Till then....Thanks for everything.