Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lines in an infinite plane

As I stood in the rain and my hair dancing in the wind, I remembered the years behind me. I've met a lot of people. Some I don't mind calling them a friend, some I just couldn't remember (Sorry!). Most importantly, they taught me about friendship. Regardless of who you are, and where you're from, if I've talked to you and shared memories together at any point in my life, you have already taught me what it's like to have friends.

I'm not Mr. Popular nor am I Mr. Smart in anywhere I've been. So, I don't really have much of friends. I'm not lonely too like how some people would see me. I just don't look for people as much. I have this idea not to bug people so much about their lives. Its just annoying i think? Perhaps not. I'll give it a try some other time.

I always believed that each and everyone of us is drawing a line in an infinite imaginary plane. Some of the lines meet eventually somehow, somewhere. While some, run parallel to each other and sadly, never meant to be ever in touch. Maybe if you're reading this, our lines are close to each other and maybe someday we're bound to meet again. I'll be glad if that happens.

I always wonder about those lines that would never meet with mine. Its just so full of possibilities that one of those lines could be your best friend, but sadly we're not destined to meet. If you think about it, you have this idea that all 7 billion of those lines, you're bound to meet one that fits who you are. Interesting how fate, destiny or whatever you call it works. I believe everything happens for a reason and He decides what the reason is.

So be glad of whoever you have as your friend. Though some of them you wish you never met. But whoever that one friend of yours, they do teach you something about friendship.

So, look at the bigger picture! If you don't find someone interesting, you'll have a long way in life to meet more people. Just be nice =)


vanilla said...

A friend of mine taught me to let go of the past and embrace the future. and im really glad that i did :)

Mr Nobody said...

It's funny. I think I might have told a friend of mine the same thing.