Monday, 24 March 2014

Prayers for MH370

Today the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Najib Razak, announced that the flight of MH370 ended tragically over the South Indian Ocean. Over the course of two weeks of scrutiny and agonizing wait, the search and rescue that had covered a size as large as Australia has finally come to bear fruit.

Hope and despair mutually exist and one does not reign over the other. While we always hope for the best for Flight MH370, there was always room for despair. It is a heartbreaking scene even by looking at photos of families wailing and calling for their loved one to come home. We never thought of losing someone we love and that always caught us unprepared. Even worse, while surely we know that flight MH370's time is running out, they are permitted with a hope that it is not yet.

In times of difficulty, I admire the spirit of our people. We may not have known each other, the people on board and those who waited eagerly for news of the flight on the ground. But we were so close to one another spiritually, that we felt that we had to put aside our differences and come together to help the families and those who cared, to go through such difficult and scrutinizing moment. Like in the shadows of darkness, there was a glimpse of light shining through.

My sincere thoughts and prayers to the fellow people on board of Flight MH370 and to their families. May God give you peace and the strength to go through such moments that the whole world is watching.

Disclaimer : "I do not intend to make a light out of a devastating situation. It is merely an observation through social medias and news. All stated in this post are my opinions. This post were not intended, in any way to cause harm or psychological impacts to the readers of this blog"

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